Who We Are

We are an eclectic mix of artists, technologists, content creators and strategists, driven by a common purpose to progress our communities and leave a lasting impact on our culture.

Our Values

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Our History

Danny Vinik launches a counter-culture blog at BRINK.com and secures a U.S. trademark on “THE BRINK.” The trademark office doesn’t know what the fuck a blog is, makes him call it an online magazine instead.
Danny raises millions of dollars and starts UGROUND.com on the Sunset Strip. Becomes the first person to stream a full length film on the internet. Everyone has dial-up internet in 1999. Streaming video goes on to become a trillion dollar industry years later; Danny starts BRINK instead.
BRINK Media Inc. is incorporated and officially sets up shop in Tucson, AZ. Works with brands like Ford and HP on rich media advertising and builds Triggerstreet.com with actor Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Bruneti, helping grow it into a community of 100,000 filmmakers and on TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Websites.
BRINK hits a new level when it becomes the digital agency of record for the U.S. operations of the Netherlands Tourism Bureau. Builds the first ever social network for destination marketing at Holland.com and a variety of groundbreaking campaigns including a “New Amsterdam” world in Second Life.
Josh Belhumeur, formerly BRINK’s lead developer, takes over business strategy and opens a second office in Washington, DC. Secures major clients like the MPAA, Army National Guard and Gates Foundation out of a tiny U street office. Becomes one of the Partners and hasn’t coded a website since.
BRINK buys the KY Building in Tucson and renovates a new studio and headquarters for room to grow. Expands capabilities to include video production and starts doing work beyond digital such as brand strategy and traditional advertising.
BRINK lands on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, is #10 on the Washington Business Journal’s largest Visual Design firms and expands its DC operation to a new studio space near the infamous K Street downtown. Josh takes over the company as Managing Partner and splits his time between both offices.
Danny starts a new nonprofit called the BRINK Foundation, putting those many years he spent understanding the web and its impact on culture to use in fighting the damaging effects of fake news, internet bubbles and conspiracy theories on our society. Doesn’t want to see another Donald Trump, Pizza Gate or Charlottesville again.
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Good ideas aren’t magic but the result of talent, experience and the joining of diverse minds. We don’t have a creative department, we are all creatives.


Danny Vinik

Founder & President, BRINKfoundation

College in 4 states / Many credits no degree / Punk Rocker from the Mudd Club to Berlin / Wrote a novel that was published, recorded an LP that was distributed, filmmaker / Entrepreneurial nature led to runs as a club promoter in the 90’s, early cybar creator 1995, and plumber / Incorporated and trademarked BRINK 2001 / Produced SPUN 2003, directed TV Party 2005, produced The Last New Yorker 2007, and directed Flor De Muertos 2011 / Married Mary Ann Brazil 1989 / Rehabs adobe properties / Activist daughter activates immigration issues / Restores vintage automobiles including a 69 Alfa Romeo Spider and a 74 BMW 2002 tii / USTA 4.0 tennis player


Josh Belhumeur

Managing Partner & Lead Strategist

Designer / Coder / Strategist / Director / Writer / Producer / Drummer / Futurist / Creative Connoisseur / Cult Leader / Nothing In-between / You Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way


Chris Beauchemin

Strategy Director

Accelerator of insights, ideas and impact / Driven by curiosity, imagination and collaboration / Proud husband and dad to two girls / Grateful for today while keeping my eye on tomorrow.


Seanloui Dumas


Specialist / Traveler / Waffle Expert / Workaholic / Fan of Beyoncé / Singer / 2003 Boy Band Karaoke Champion


Luc Goodhart

    Operations Manager

    Bon cœur en mal d’amour / Francophile / Logophile / Iconophile / Homophile / Fashion school dropout / Prissy gearhead / Protean generalist / Amateur aromachromologist / Soft-sculpture specialist / Professional driver / Rêveur / Flâneur / Unabashedly louche / Fluent speaker of crosswordese




      Novice needlepointer / Midwesterner / On Wisconsin / Competitive reader / Whisky lover / Former alpine ski coach / What’s next


      Mark Preston

      UX Designer & Digital Project Manager

      British / Designer / Deep thinker / Inherent need to be organized / Obsessed with details / Appreciates clear visual narratives / Most at home when outdoors

      Mary Ann

      Mary Ann Brazil

        Finance Director

        Wanted to be a writer / Floundered in college / Tried art from the perspective of student and model / Fled the Midwest for the southwest / Desk clerk at Hotel Congress, 1983 / Kissed the doorknob of the old café and Club Congress was born / Friends were all around me / Now I ran the Hotel / Smack dab in the middle of it all / Manager / Fast forward 20 years / Roots in the desert / Husband Danny Vinik and child Zobella / All on the BRINK


        Zeina Peterson

          Associate Strategist

          the one and only / jersey girl/ UA alumna/ i’m not extra, you’re just not enough / jack honey / motown music lover / only in competition with the queen I was yesterday


          John Boutwell

          Art Director

          Animator by degree / Graphic Designer by trade / illustrator by passion / minimalist by religion


          Katie Rousos


            NorCal Born / Designer / Skating Waitress / Craft Beer Snob / Amateur Hiker


            Joel Foster


              Writer, scribbler, journalist and bathroom manifesto composer / East coast transplant who doesn’t mind the dry heat / Cynical news junkie who loves to discuss the finer points of golden age hip hop and Mystery Science Theater 3000, preferably at the same time


              Sean Madrid

                UX Designer & Tech Lead

                Deep roots in Tucson and enjoys talking about them / Descended from cavemen / Alive in the age of information / On a cybernetic quest for fire / Lover of craftsmanship / Especially drawn towards wearables and watchables / Would like to control things with his mind / Enjoys controlling things with code in the meantime


                Kai Miller

                  Senior Developer

                  Former game developer and digital environmental artist / Heavily experienced in web development / Maker of weird things / Clothing and pillow fabricator / Married with children / Drink of choice: Mountain Dew


                  Jim Rundel

                    Senior Producer

                    Failed stuntman / Gifted sleeper / Sarcasm connoisseur


                    David Pike

                      VP, BRINKvision & Strategist

                      Runs the film distribution arm of Brink (BrinkVision) / Acquiring Films / Strategy / Marketing / Theater Operator / Festival Director / Filmmaker / Writer / Producer / Bourbon Enthusiast / Giallo Film Junkie / Revolutions Started / Tigers Tamed


                      Chathura Bamunusinghe

                      Senior Developer

                      7+ years of experience in Web Application/Site development / BS in Physical Science / Car enthusiast and a Gamer / Origin Sri Lanka


                      Malcolm Crichter


                        People watcher turned filmmaker / Kanye West apologist / Millennial scum


                        Danny Sax


                          Born and raised in AZ/ Lives in VA/ Works in DC. I shoot first, ask questions later.


                          Dave Reynolds

                            System Administrator

                            Cryptocurrency Investor / Tech Hipster / Night Owl / Open-Source Advocate

                            OUR STUDIOS

                            We dig our roots deep into our communities with creative spaces that play host to neighborhood events and programming and provide us resources and inspiration to produce great work.


                            The KY Building is home to the BRINK studio and headquarters. We renovated the abandoned building in 2013, maintaining its original mid-century modern charm, making us proud leaders of the downtown rejuvenation movement.


                            Just 2 blocks from the White House off the infamous K Street, the BRINK DC studio provides a funky creative island in a sea of lawyers and lobbyists. Be sure to catch our next event.

                            SOCIAL STUDIO

                            Washington, DC

                            Talent, resources, and space to produce efficient and compelling video content for the social web.

                            Learn More

                            CREATIVE TUCSON

                            Tucson, AZ

                            Bolstering Tucson’s creative and local business community through studio, equipment rentals and low-priced content services.

                            Learn More