Not a Bank Ad

What if we could use big bank advertising against them?

Client: Vantage West Credit Union
Type: Campaign
Channels: Television, Digital, Social Media, Print, Billboards & Bus


Increase total members and deposits for a regional credit union.


Big bank advertising often portrays banks as allies to the community with platitudes like "we're here for you". But the truth is most banks have a history of deception and manipulation and almost always put profits over people.

As a member-owned credit union, Vantage West can authentically talk about community and small businesses in the same ways that big banks do...
but actually mean it.


"This is not a bank ad." a subversion of big bank advertising tropes with a fourth-wall breaking campaign that casts the Arizona community as the star of the commercial.

We flowed people to a campaign landing page with a directory of every community figure and product featured in the commercial.

The big idea was expanded across various traditional channels to augment the campaign, including billboards and print placements.

"This isn't a bank billboard. Because We're Not a Bank" in a billboardBanks Own You. You Own Us. Bus