Abortion Pills

What if abortions were as accessible as anything else?

Client: Shout Your Abortion
Type: Campaign
Channels: Experiential, Social Media


Raise awareness about the availability of safe and legal abortion pills online.


Leading up to the December 1st, 2021 Supreme Court hearing on a Mississippi abortion ban, it became clear that sweeping abortion restrictions were going to spread across America. But what most people don't know is abortions are currently more available than anytime before due to expansions in internet medicine over the course of the pandemic and wider availability of shippable abortion pills.


Help people imagine a world of easily available abortion pills by dropping vending machines all over the state of Arizona. The machines will dispense boxes with QR codes leading to a site where they will find clear information on how to get real pills.

Women standing in front of an abortion pills vending machineWomen using an abortion pills vending machineAbortion Pills box in the streetsAbortion vending machines behind the scenesAbortion Pills box in the streetsMan using an abortion pills vending machine