What Happened to Truth?

What if we could interrupt the echo chamber by activating influential voices inside it?

Client: BRINK Foundation
Type: Campaign
Channels: Digital, Website
Website: whathappenedtotruth.com


Educate people on the destructive forces of the internet.


When you are tumbling down the conspiratorial rabbit hole anything an expert or authority figure has to say to you is immediately dismissed. Can we make people come around to a new idea by wrapping it in speech that feels familiar and delivered by influencers that are actually trusted?


What happened to truth? Through the power of Cameo, we get right wing heroes like Sarah Palin and Joe Arpaio to share our message through Youtube pre-roll ads strategically placed in front of conspiratorial content.

The website, with its intentional early internet vibe, feature a straight-forward narrative about the 4 destructive forces of the internet that underly the Foundation’s mission, leading to a sign-up form.

At an 18% conversion rate of visitors to signups, it was clear people were listening.