Claim What's Yours

What if 10 minutes of your time was worth $30,000?

Client: City of Tucson
Type: Campaign
Channels: Digital, Social Media, Television


Increase self-response rates for the 2020 Census among undercounted communities.


Many of those that choose not to participate in the Census are doing so because they don’t see the benefits and believe there are risks associated with giving government officials so much personal data. We need to answer the question "what's in it for me?"


Claim what's yours. Your count directs up to $30,000 in federal funding for you and your community. That money belongs to you so don't leave it behind.

Family standing in front of a house

We produced a :30 commercial spot in just 10 days, in both English and Spanish language, to run on television and digital placements.

We built out our Claim What’s Yours message across a variety of advertising tactics including heavy digital campaigns, radio and sponsorships.