What is MOCA?

What if contemporary art was much more than you realized?

What Is MOCA Billboard in the street

Client: Museum of Contemporary Art
Type: Campaign
Channels: Billboard, Digital, Website
Website: mocais.com


Raise awareness of MOCA to bring in more community allies and donors.


In overcoming our regional awareness problem, we wanted to attract people who are naturally curious and gravitate toward something bold, yet mysterious. Once we have them hooked, we want to help expand their understanding of everything MOCA has to offer.


Let's plant the seed of curiosity and ask the million dollar question on our audiences behalf: What is MOCA? Using a mix of billboards and social ads, we invite them to visit mocais.com for all the answers.

MOCA is place for inspiration, subversion and a diversity of ideas. MOCA is an economic engine and tourism draw. MOCA is a community gathering place and anchor to beneficial youth programs. MOCA is a community asset worthy of your support.

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