BRINK is a preferred digital partner to the University of Arizona, trusted to provide marketing strategy and digital production services as needed across a wide array of departments.

University Outreach & Global Initiatives

When restructuring of University Outreach & Global Initiatives brought 3 very different schools under the direction of a new Vice-Provost, the internal marketing department knew it had a challenge: how to unite such disparate constituencies into a single entity?

BRINK conducted focus groups, depth interviews and only surveys to identify key brand attributes, common denominators, differences and opportunities. We used the data to inform the creation of a mission statement and value proposition that were both aspirational and firmly grounded in unit strengths.

With messaging established, we developed an identity system that unified all departments around the core UA brand, but allowed for differentiation via a dedicated secondary color. A succinct but comprehensive brand manual defines how logos and secondary color elements should be used across print, digital and marketing collateral, and offers photographic guidelines for consistent, impactful imagery.

Brand Guidelines for University of Arizona brochures

BRINK’s Outreach and Global initiatives brand overhaul was instrumental in getting these 3 distinct units to think, speak, and read as a cohesive entity and was considered a resounding success by all project stakeholders. Additionally, many of the stylistic and messaging

elements we incorporated into the brand guide were borrowed by the team that produced a refresh for the entire University a few years later.

McGuire Entrepreneurship Center

The McGuire Entrepreneurship Center is the "crown jewel" of the University, globally recognized as one of the best programs in the country. They needed an engaging website for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capstone that enabled showcase of student work and in-depth background on the program.

We navigated an evolving University rebrand, working to meet our own deadlines while also ensuring the website was future proof by incorporating the new brand requirements. The responsive design felt true to the University brand while forging it’s own unique identity.

McGuire Entrepreneurship Center

We launched the Wordpress-powered site with the start of the Fall 2014 semester. See it in action at

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