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Engaging globally-minded youth on social media.

The UN Foundation was concerned the results of the 2016 elections might have an adverse global impact. They needed to engage globally-minded voters to turn out and participate.

UNF already had another agency team in place for the broader campaign but were concerned about properly engaging young people on social media. We were brought in to augment the team with a social content focus. BRINK developed a series of 3 motion graphics videos for distribution on social media, under a newly created surrogate account called “Revolution Nation”.  All of the videos were executed in under 3 weeks and distributed with a small social ad spend to seed them to a targeted audience of who we had identified as influencers in hopes that they may grow viral legs.

video 1
video 2
video 3

Our three videos were organically shared over 500 times leading to 150,000 earned full video views on Facebook, by far the most successful element of the multi-agency campaign. We were able to take a small budget and give it a significant impact through quality content and smart targeting.


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