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Inventive digital campaigns for a global tourism brand.

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions runs multiple marketing initiatives in the United States to promote Holland as a destination in the luxury tourism market.

BRINK was a strategic partner for many years, assembling nearly a dozen targeted websites, interactive ad campaigns and a socially-driven travel site. Our efforts eventually helped Amsterdam become a top-ten tourist destination for American travelers.

Holland Tourism

First, BRINK launched, the official US travel site for the country of Holland. We built the massive website on a custom platform that relied on public APIs to provide a wealth of resources to tourists. A backend script scoured the web for articles related to Netherlands travel on a nightly basis and prepared the articles in a format to be published on the site.

An intelligent score-based whitelist / blacklist feature in the admin trained the script to discern between relevant and irrelevant content. The recommended features were then presented to an administrator who could approve them for inclusion along with a suggested category, creating one of the most diverse travel sites on the web built on “machine learning” before the term became en vogue.

The groundbreaking website received rave reviews and was a Webby Award Nominee.

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BRINK went on to create New Holland, an island in the online universe of Second Life, to promote the launch of New Holland featured a dance club, cafe, art museum (with paintings by the Dutch Masters) and an entire Dutch cityscape with canals and cobblestone streets. Users were given bicycles and tulips and could write and share postcards.

Following a launch event with special guest DJs, the island became one of the top destinations in Second Life. The Netherlands Tourism Bureau was also able to host the world’s first press trip in cyberspace, getting coverage in many major tourism publications.

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Take a look at the New Holland island in Second Life.

Over a five-year period, BRINK developed a wide variety of digital campaigns to push Holland as a diverse destination, simultaneously targeting many user groups such as luxury tourists, family vacations, business and conventions and college students on holiday.

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BRINK also identified an opportunity for the official Board of Tourism to control the travel experience for mobile users. We built the native iPhone app and put it on the iTunes store for free download. It immediately became the top destination travel guide for Amsterdam with average reviews exceeding 4 stars.

Our long-standing partnership with the country of Holland innovated the use of technology in tourism marketing and gained frequent notoriety and earned media coverage. And most importantly, our efforts helped elevate the Holland and Amsterdam brands within the United States, helping it become one of the top destinations for American travelers.


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