Daniel Contreras, aka El Guero Canelo (The Blonde Redhead) is the owner and inspiration behind this popular chain of Mexican fast food restaurants based in Tucson, AZ. Featuring the world’s best and most famous “Sonoran Dogs”, Daniel rode the bacon wrapped hotdog craze all the way from a South Tucson hot dog cart to the massive, glass and stainless steel emporiums that currently house his fare. With lofty goals for expansion and perhaps franchises, he turned to BRINK as an agency of record.

Creating Digital Menus

Daniel cultivates a loud and boisterous atmosphere that proves a surprisingly successful way to sell Mexican food. BRINK conceived of, designed and installed a Wi-Fi driven menu system across 2 X 60 inch flat screens that changes specials daily and promotes Social Media. The menus across the 3 El Guero Canelo locations are programmed from the Internet and can be updated remotely from our studio.

Page one of El Guero Canelo's new digital-ready menu

A New Web Presence

BRINK created the fun, informative web site ElGueroCanelo.com, to showcase Daniel’s story and bring his personality to life. We replaced the outdated flash site with a responsive interface that was contemporary while maintaining the home-made charm of the brand.

The new ElGueroCanelo.com on a laptop

Engaging the Sonoran Dog Loving Community

El Guero Canelo is a now Social Media trendsetter under our direction.

Back in late 2013, when our engagement began, our goal was fairly straightforward: to access and grow the fans they already had so that we could evangelize the brand.

We started by created a cohesive and compelling aesthetic and personality across their channels - utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Locu and Instagram - with a look that was glossy but homegrown. We established a queue of compelling copy that matched the energetic humor of their owner and fans. We created El Guero Canelo-themed memes, incorporating Tucson imagery and Internet trends.As a result, their sharing more than quadrupled.

Our goal was to increase awareness and foster community with a singular brand identity, and we’ve been achieving it for this Tucson original. We are now making plans to introduce the Phoenix to the Guero brand, as they expand north!

Our results

  • 101%
    increase in fans
  • 233%
    increase in engagement
  • 184%
    increase in reach
  • 148%
    increase in impressions

Spreading and encouraging the #GueroCanelo hashtag across platforms helped consolidate and organize community conversations. Every mention gets an interaction (a favorite, a comment, a ‘like’ or a reply) and we have often seen fans following up with additional posts after we engaged them. Reposting and spotlighting fans has proven to get them following, engaged and eager to participate in the El Guero Canelo experience.

Viral, humorous, meme advertising for El Guero Canelo

Launching Social Campaigns

In addition to their regularly scheduled social programming, we also began planning for the launch of special contests to get fans involved and, ultimately, in the restaurants. Our first campaign was The Beard Bib. Owner Daniel is known for his massive red beard, so we designed a print-out version you can wear yourself. Fans are encouraged to don their red beards while eating Guero Canelo, snap a pic, post it and the fan with the best #BeardBib pic will get $50 worth of free grub.

Right after we rolled it out, local paper the Tucson Weekly picked it up and ran with it, posting it to their own blog. Their employees got involved too, posting photos of themselves with their #GueroCanelo #BeardBib on.

Cutout red beard for the Guero Canelo Beard Bib Club

Shooting Stars

The BRINK video team traveled with Daniel back to his hometown in Magdalena, Mexico to film the Sonora Dog’s natural habitat. El Guero Canelo owns both a farm (to supply the Tucson restaurants with green onions, sweet peppers, and cilantro) and a Tortilla Factory (that not only makes the small and medium size sonoran flour tortillas (thin and chewy), but also the monster size “very mucho” tortilla, consumed by the fearless burrito eaters of Tucson. The very special Sonora Dog hot dog buns are also baked there.

BRINK spent the day filming El Guero all over the city of Magdalena, and… eating. By the end of the day, our crew was so satiated with the delicious fare, they could barely move.

That shoot, combined with footage we acquired back in Tucson at the 3 Guero Canelo restaurants, has yielded a wealth of great content. From Social Media virals, to longer form EPK content for their Press Kit, to 30 second TV spots, our editors have found many creative ways to tell their story.

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