Families USA is a major advocacy organization that represents low- to moderate-income Americans who struggle to afford quality health care access. As supporters of the Affordable Care Act, they were concerned with the King v Burwell Supreme Court case that threatened to strip subsidies from millions of low income earners.

They approached BRINK to conceive of a digital public affairs campaign that would help emphasize the urgency of the case and give those affected a voice. All within a rapid timeline.

Telling the real stories:

BRINK developed a cross-channel digital strategy that included a heavy social media component and, at its core, a microsite that served as an interactive storytelling piece.

Our video team traveled across the country to interview 7 real families in their own homes to discuss the struggle without health insurance and how they would be impacted by the case. These interviews comprised a 12 minute documentary with 8 “featurettes”, or side videos. In addition, the video had “popcorn elements” or timed messages that appeared at different points throughout the film that either encouraged an additional video, provided a depth resource or gave a one-click social media post to share the campaign.

Families USA site screenshot

We built out a full content calendar to support the campaign with text, photos, articles and video clips on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We also hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything with the Families USA Executive Director and ran paid media campaigns on a variety of platforms including YouTube pre-rolls. In addition, we developed an advocacy toolkit for Families USA to share with their ally organizations.

The Killer Inside Me with Japanese text


  • The average user watched more than 5 minutes of video content on the site.
  • 1 out of every 6 users shared the site on social media using the in-page sharing tools.
  • #DontTakeMyCare was a major trending topic with over 8,500 uses on the day of the Supreme Court oral argument.
  • 4 of the top 12 posts that used the hashtag were sharable content pieces created for the campaign by us

Ultimately the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to uphold the subsidies, a big success for Families USA and millions of Americans. Not that we are taking credit for that, because we’re not.

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