Essential Customer

What if buying local was seen as service to your community?

Client: Tucson Metro Chamber
Type: Campaign
Channel: Social Media


Encourage Southern Arizonans to start patronizing local businesses once again.


The pandemic instilled new behaviors in people that, even after feeling safe, had them eating out significantly less and ordering delivery from mega corporations like Amazon instead of patronizing their local businesses. Could we make them more mindful of their consumption by tapping into the shared sense of responsibility we had during the pandemic?


You are the essential customer. Essential workers kept us together, now it's your turn. Shop local, dine local, spend local.

Traffic was funneled to a campaign landing page with a directory of every community figure and product featured in the commercial.

Featuring more than 25 notable local businesses, the video was both a celebration of what makes the Southern Arizona community unique and a call to action to return to living in a more social and communal lifestyle.