4-H Council

What if 4-H could create opportunity for all youth?

Client: National 4-H Council
Type: Campaign
Channels: Social Media


Use social media to grow the relevance, reach, and revenue of a 120-year old organization under its new brand purpose of opportunity for all and positive youth development mission.


4-H kids are a special kind. They are smart, tenacious and often a little quirky. They come from all walks of life and pursue a wide range of passions. But there’s a general perception that 4-H is white, rural and from a bygone era.


Produce content campaigns that celebrate – and sometimes share in a laugh about – what it means to be a 4-H’er while telling more diverse stories. Let’s tap into what makes 4-H special, put the spotlight on the kids, and show the world that our future is in good hands.

Our content was designed with an infotainment objective: give people a laugh while providing insight into the many things 4-H does. 

In addition to producing regular entertaining and meme-driven content, we also tell deeper, unexpected stories about the impact of 4-H.

While the anchor content BRINK produces only comprises a fraction of the content published on 4-H channels, it directly drove a 22% increase in engagements and 32% increase in impressions while helping the council exceed all growth and revenue goals for the year.