Vantage West

What if banking local was a form of activism?

Client: Vantage West Credit Union
Type: Brand
Services: Brand Position, Design System, Website, Retail Interiors, Member Experience


Give a 55 year old regional credit union a bolder point of view.


Many people don't trust the big banks, but they continue to keep their accounts with them because that's "just the way it is," as if they don't have a choice in the matter — but they do!


Banks own you. You own us. When it comes to your banking you have a choice: you can choose to make them too big to fail and fail to belong to something bigger or you can put your money where your values lie and make your community too strong to fail.

This new tagline and attitude became the center of a new Vantage West brand that also included a slight pivot in identity, leaning into the yellow “V” and creating a more bold yellow-centric pallet that stands out in a banking landscape dominated by reds and blues.

"When did you lose control?", an opening line you can't ignore. Featuring archival footage from the 50s, the brand spot was designed to reinforce big banks as large, stodgy organizations that behave poorly when we fail to hold them accountable.

The sequel hit the market 6 months later, weaving in an 80s aesthetic with callbacks to the rise of Wall Street and our new era of hyper-consumerism. Is this the world we want or is there a better way?

We employed out-of-home placements with our iconic tagline. Just 6 words that cast the big banks as villains and celebrate the value of a credit union: ownership.

A new website was designed to be more content-focused, providing community stories. Just one more chance to differentiate from banks.