What if we could get government unstuck?

Client: OPEXUS (dba AINS)
Type: Brand
Services: Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Brand Anthem Video


Rename and rebrand a legacy government technology company to create a new and compelling position in the govtech landscape.


Government work is thankless work. Federal employees often feel unsupported in their missions and are up against a cultural perspective that they are anti-innovation. But inside the government there are plenty of changemakers hoping to leave a legacy of their own.


OPEXUS Gets Government Unstuck. A brand position that celebrates the work of the underappreciated bureaucrats behind the scenes while helping them in their efforts to get government unstuck.

Formerly called AINS, this 30+ year old govtech company failed to leave an impression in an increasingly crowded technology landscape. The new name OPEXUS was born out of an amalgamation of “Operational Excellence” with a nod to both the U.S. government and the idea of community.

OPEXUS was brought to life through a design system inspired by structural symbols from American government institutions, including brutalist architecture and colors and shapes often found in mid-century civic design — a point in time when government trust was at an all-time high.

In addition to the brand position and identity system, we helped OPEXUS find a new attitude in its key messages, best told through a brand anthem video that could be used on the website and in sales materials to tell the world who they are.