Network for Good

What if fundraising was made easier for nonprofits?

Client: Network for Good
Type: Brand
Services: Brand Position, Design System, Website, Brand Experience


Help a legacy nonprofit network redefine its brand with a new focus on fundraising software as a service.


Small, nonprofits often see fundraising as a hassle, not a core part of the mission. Can we help reduce the lift so they can focus more on what they like to do?


Grow Your Good. A brand position that serves under-resourced nonprofits with simple, smart fundraising software so they can do more good.

We facilitated workshops with the executive team to help articulate the what, how and why of the brand and used these insights to create a new brand position.

The brand came to life with a refreshed design system and a complete revamp of the website.

The new brand would feature the voice of the customer — small, under-resourced nonprofits — more prominently through testimonial videos and quotes.

The new design system also put the brand in motion, facilitating bold, scroll-stopping motion graphics designed for social media.