As a leading communications firm, 3D Communications specializes in coaching large pharmaceutical clients in preparation for FDA regulatory board presentations. After building a reputation as one of the best in the business, 3D was looking to expand their services across the board, but needed to make sure they had the marketing foundation to do so.

The digital dumps

They had an anemic web presence and a brand style that fell short of the expectations for such a prestigious company. 3D wanted to work with a proven and talented agency to turn their digital around. After a strong endorsement from one of the top communication agencies in DC, 3D gave BRINK a call.

Telling the story

We put our attention towards the User Experience of the site. We needed to tell their story and humanize the brand in order to establish trust — no stock photos and pages of corporate speak. We encouraged them to get right to the point and to organize the hierarchy of their site around the questions users would be asking: who are you? what do you do? who have you worked with? why should we hire you?

The 3D Communications homepage

3D is in the name

As we began to design elements of the site, we were interested in including 3D animated elements to emphasize the brand, it’s in the name after all.

We worked with project stakeholders to determine appropriate elements to receive the 3D treatment. We highlighted some of the great communications processes the 3D team had developed through animated walk-throughs featured on the website, Powerpoint presentations and training videos.

In addition, we developed a powerful introductory animation for the site, a metaphor for how 3D Communications helps take many ideas and crystallize them into a cohesive message. No, it was not your awful flash intros of yesteryear. This was an HTML5 video integrated into the site after page load. We did not want it to be a barrier to the site but rather an integrated part of it.

Search and find 3D

We work closely with the 3D team to determine blog article topics based on focus keywords, finding the intersection between volume, relevance and rank difficulty. Each article 3D creates is optimized for search and given a detailed sweep to ensure their content gets in front of the right eyes.

This "long-tail" keyword approach has contributed to a 20% increase in search traffic over 6 months and more impressively a 750% increase in "non-bounce" sessions, indicating that the audience is far more relevant and engaged. Since our involvement, 3D’s search visibility score on target keywords has gone from last place to first among their top 4 competitors, giving them the edge.

Leveraging social media

Our strategy was to position 3D Communications as a market leader and industry expert within the realms of healthcare regulatory communications, market access and reimbursement and executive public speaking and media training. We focused on LinkedIn and Twitter as our primary platforms for engagement and developed bi-weekly content calendars that would organize online marketing efforts and allow us to track every click and like, every success and failure.

The 3D Communications homepage

We wanted to reinforce their prominence in the FDA advisory field but we also had to introduce them to new audiences. We developed a consistent content pipeline in support of the social media strategy. This included guiding them on what to write, optimizing those articles for SEO and creating compelling, shareable graphics and copy to promote their articles. Instead of simply cross-posting content, each graphic and each line of copy was made specifically for the platform it would be published on.

The 3D Communications homepage

In addition to creating graphic templates that speak to their brand and compel their target users to interact with their content, we have also created infographics that deliver long form information 3D users are interested in a graphic way.

Since we were starting from zero online presence, promotion was our focus early on. Honing in on the platforms where their audience is active, we tailor made an organic promotion plan for them. This has made it possible to increase their reach in a real and sustainable way.

Maximizing engagement

We conducted Twitter 101 sessions with 3D employees – teaching their team members the best practices of the platform and how to engage with influencers. Armed with specific Twitter Plans for industry conferences and events, 3D is able to make important connections and increase their overall reach.

We are also guided by an Influencer Outreach Plan compiled with research, upcoming topics and client input in mind. These allow us to engage in an aggressive and laser-focused monitoring and engagement practice to expose their brand to the right people at the right time.

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