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By Joshua Belhumeur

You Are Essential

Feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter. Sure, you can worry about new variants and anti-vaxxers and the next virus round the bend, but Dr. Fauci said I can hang out with my nose out when outside and even go maskless with a small group of vaxxed up peeps indoors.

Now is the time to start talking about adding a little fuel to our economic engine. Strap on those masks and go forth into the world. Spend, spend, spend!

Amber, the CEO of the Tucson Metro Chamber, emailed me a few months ago bothering me to renew our membership (I did) but then she casually asked what I thought about “storytelling” to help inspire the community to start dining and shopping once again.

After I sent a few challenging questions and thought experiments back to help them think through defining their problem, I found myself with a real genuine butt-ass-naked-in-the-shower thought 2 days later. I got out, dried off, and sent an email: We’ve relied on essential workers to keep us going during this pandemic. Now it’s your turn. You are the essential customer.

Her response: Mic drop. Draw up the contract.

And thus, with additional financial backing from our awesome client Vantage West Credit Union, we produced this beautiful :60 spot. While this PSA is for the Tucson community, the message applies everywhere; local business needs you now, it’s time to step up.


By Joshua Belhumeur