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By Joshua Belhumeur

The Social Dilemma marks an important milestone for furthering our mission

Did you catch The Social Dilemma on Netflix yet?

Perhaps a little campy, but an effective vehicle for delivering the message that we’ve been sounding the alarm on for years now: the internet is killing humanity!

As we wrote in the white paper that launched our nonprofit working to address this issue:

The web started as a platform for human interaction and instantaneous, global communication. But now, we are no longer the messengers, we are the medium — just a collection of data points to sell to advertisers. The algorithms that control what content you see and when you see it are designed to maximize your monetary value. When you become a more predictable and controllable data point, you generate more revenue for the platform you are on (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube). 

The film does a particularly effective job of anthropomorphizing machine learning algorithms (somewhat similar to how the Pixar film Inside Out handles human emotions), taking these complex ideas and making them easier to understand.

We’re both inspired and thrilled. This is the first time our mission has gone mainstream, or at least outside a much smaller inner circle of insiders and futurists like ourselves.

And just in time, as we are working on our first major content campaign designed to educate and engage people on this issue. If you want to help, consider donating to the BRINK Foundation:

Otherwise we recommend you see this film and get your friends and family to as well.

And if you really want to dig deeper, read Team Human by Douglas Rushkoffwho masterfully places these problems into a broader societal context.

There’s much to be done, but we’re one step closer.

By Joshua Belhumeur