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By Joshua Belhumeur

If You Want to Make Change, First Make Friends.

Today is the official public launch of a project two years in the making that BRINK conceived, championed, and built with the backing of the City of Tucson: Connect Tucson

Our goal is to help Tucson better attract and retain talent and businesses, the economic engine needed to create a healthier and happier community. While a nice website isn’t going to fix everything, it gives us a platform to make our case for “why Tucson?” to those curious enough to ask while providing a more frictionless user experience to help people start or grow their businesses.

As I reflect on the journey to bring this project to fruition, I think of the momentum we built through generating enthusiasm and buy-in from the community. We took meeting after meeting, sharing our vision and inviting ideas and input. These valuable insights would make the product we wanted to build stronger, but also created a hard-to-ignore groundswell for our effort that even bureaucratic inertia couldn’t stop.

I often see an “I can do it better” attitude from ambitious people frustrated with a status quo, inevitably slamming their heads against the wall when they can’t get traction. But real power to champion change is when the conversation is “we can do it better.” 

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By Joshua Belhumeur