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BRINK says goodbye to 2020

So I’m supposed to share a few memes and overplayed jokes about how shitty this year has been. Or perhaps go on an indignant rant about politicians and Karens and corruption and corporatism and the decline of community and did you see what Trump said now? But not today.

Today we celebrate.

Before I continue, I am human after all (doing my best) and I share in some of the pain. My heart breaks for the loss we are experiencing: loss of jobs, trust in institutions, faith in one another. The ability to hug and kiss and drink shoulder to shoulder and spit into a microphone off-key Alanis Morissette to a rowdy karaoke bar. The painful loss of joy and connection and of loved ones gone too soon.

While the people behind BRINK certainly felt the burdens of 2020 weigh them down, something else happened this year.

Our business grew. Not only did we avoid layoffs, we created jobs and gave raises, bonuses and new perks. Our nonprofit, BRINK Foundation, launched Pidgin Palace Arts. We helped get 2 underdog progressives elected to office. We drove increased participation in Tucson for the Census. We brought in a number of new, purpose-driven clients in the technology, nonprofit and arts spaces, helping them crystallize their stories, launch products and initiatives and achieve growth of their own.

We also recognized our privileged position and used it to help our community. The Tucson Helping Tucson initiative employed out of work creators and helped elevate Community Investment Corporation to make $425,000 worth of positive economic impact in Southern Arizona during COVID. Our Tucson Together initiative with Vantage West worked with a number of community partners to promote concrete actions people can take to support local businesses impacted by the quarantine. The Shorty award finalist #COVIDcantstopgood campaign with Network for Good helped nonprofits transition to virtual fundraising to adapt and overcome the constraints of the pandemic. And our pay what you can livestream services helped groups like the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish History Museum set fundraising records with their virtual galas.

I can’t help but look back and feel a sense of gratitude over how well this year has gone for us, the contrast just makes it all the more palpable.

I share not to gloat (okay, maybe a little, I am doing my best) but to actually say thank you. We continue to build something special and appreciate you having a hand in that, even if its just cheering us on.