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Just For Kicks

Don't see a position that fits your gifts? Or we don't have anything listed? Feel free to share a bit about yourself anyhow. We're always open to new talent and you never know when something pops up and needs immediate attention. It's better to be known than to respond after the position is snagged up.

Go ahead and fill out the form. We'll have a look, even if we do so in silence. If the day comes when your skills match a need we have, we'll give you a call and see where you're at.

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Culture. We promote a culture of creativity, growth, and the illustrious pursuit of “meaningful” work. Our team cohesion is a point of pride — we care about each other and what we make together.

Work-Life Balance. We do everything in our power to maintain a 40-hour week. While occasional long hours are unavoidable in this industry, we pride ourselves on ensuring we are never understaffed or overworked by design.

Pride in Work. We may be based in Tucson, but our portfolio is international in scope. The projects you work on will be receiving attention from many people, as well as industry recognition. You will be proud of what you do for us and will be challenged to be great.

Opportunity. As BRINK grows in size and notoriety, the opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions grow. We are always looking for natural leaders to take on more senior responsibility; perhaps you’re that person? We take care of our employees: when times are good for the company, they are also good for you.

Flexibility. Have an errand to run? No problem, just let us know and you can come in later. Feeling a little sick? Work from home and keep those germs out of the office. Your friend is in town and you want to take a 2-hour lunch? Go for it, you can stay later or make up the time somewhere else. While we do expect a degree of stability and consistency to accommodate our clients and maintain our workflow, we have a far more flexible work environment than your standard gig.

What Makes Me a Good Candidate?

We are looking for an entrepreneurial person who can help us make up the rules as we go along and contribute on all sides of the business. This is not a good fit if you prefer giant employee handbooks and being told exactly what to do and how to do it. We want big thinkers who are excited by the opportunity to help mold a company.

You are passionate about the web and excited about all its possibilities. You are looking to constantly redefine the playing field, extend it beyond anything anyone has ever imagined. You always strive for perfection and are let down when you know your true potential has not been reached; however, you also know when you cut your losses and don’t stress over sunk costs.

You are meticulous. You care about the details and want to create something that is polished.

You don’t mind working in a loosely structured environment. You are self-motivated and entrepreneurial. You only have to be told something once.

You value communication and team work and don’t work in a bubble. You believe there is more than one way to skin a cat, but also want to find the best way to do it.

You love the fact that you aren’t a random person in a cubicle, but rather an integral part of the business that everyone else heavily relies on.

You can handle the pressure of working in an advertising agency and making fast deadlines. You can be flexible and jump between many projects at one time.

Cool. Are You Hiring?

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