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The results of recent global elections (and special counsel investigations to boot) have proven people are significantly influenced by digital content. So why are so many progressive organizations dramatically under-spending on digital, over-spending on traditional PR and chasing antiquated sources of influence?

Causes can no longer play it safe if they want to break through the clutter. Advocacy initiatives must put design and technology in the driver’s seat to build the online audiences that will power movements.


People have unique motivations.

We build targeted strategies to facilitate pathways from awareness and interest to support and advocacy, tailored for each audience group and their unique attributes and behaviors.

People love stories.

We develop data-informed content strategies and produce media efficiently and cost-effectively through our content studio. This allows us to be timely, relevant and, perhaps most important, authentic. People don’t buy policies; they buy stories.

People are fragmented.

In this fragmented media landscape, the reach and resonance of content relies on smart distribution. We build coalitions of influencers and empower them with the resources to speak to their audiences, augmented with targeted social media and digital advertising.

People want to belong.

Our ideal partnerships involve not just campaigns, but sustained audience engagement. We work with associations and NGOs to build, grow and manage their stakeholder groups into engaged communities, ready to be activated for key policy actions at the right moments. If people belong to something bigger they become your biggest advocates.

There’s still a role for traditional public affairs and shoe-leather lobbyists, but digital advocacy has to be a core pillar to your cause or you are missing out.

Let’s discuss how we can make an impact for you.

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