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Stop bombarding our televisions with phony, predictable political ads and focus on creating an authentic and consistent story from day one, with digital media at its core. That’s how we build campaigns with the potential to impact our culture and power movements.

BRINK helps candidates discover and own their message and create a bold candidate experience, both online and off, that includes sustained creative content development. Through this approach we build connected and engaged audiences that become donors, volunteers and voters that will propel you to victory.


Message over medium.

Campaigns shouldn’t let biased media buyers guide high-level strategy. We reject sliding-scale commissions to ensure our priority is on maximizing impact, not volume.

Big ideas matter.

That creative spark is the tip of the spear that pierces through all that clutter. Don’t interrupt with garbage, engage with value.

Connect on values.

Stories, not policies, win elections. We build compelling content and experiences that communicate your values through emotional resonance that has sticking power.

We can’t fake who we are. Neither can you.

We have no interest in helping candidates pretend to be something they aren’t. Our strategies focus on value, not deception.

We work best when we are on your team from day one, helping you craft that all important first impression, then managing the ongoing communications strategy that will forge your path to victory.

Are you going to play it safe by rehashing tired playbooks or are you going to take your best shot by putting creativity at the core of your approach? The choice is yours.

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