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We generate awareness and buzz campaigns around studio and indie films, building new audiences while empowering fans to participate.

With accelerating waves of promotional avenues online, the opportunity now exists to build an audience from day one of production on a film. This sets a quicker path to wide distribution and maximizes the film’s chance of success.

BRINK brings a combination of industry experience, creative capabilities, social media savvy and strategic expertise to build a well-rounded campaign for the film, from early on in the production process through to post release.

Our keys to success:

  • Every film tells a story. BRINK takes that storytelling and extends it to online worlds, using creative and socially-driven tactics to ignite audience imaginations and bring the film — and the enthusiasm surrounding it — to life.
  • Paid media has an important role, but organic reach is far more powerful at earning fans. We build campaigns around social activation and participation to maximize sharing and fan evangelism.
  • Our rock band approach unites players from all disciplines to work as a single unit on the campaign, making it the next big hit. This comprehensive approach (strategy, design, user experience, development, engagement - working together) provides an efficient and effective way to build and execute strategies.

Our full capabilities:

Digital Strategy, Website and App Development, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Infographics and Graphic Design, Video Production, Animation, Email, Search Engine Optimization, Display Ads and Rich Media, Online Media Buys, Monitoring and Analytics, Theatrical Bookings, Film Festival Promotion, Event Management

Our experience:

Our film campaigns are guided by our resident film veterans:

Danny Vinik

Danny Vinik

President & Creative Director

With 25+ years of experience, Danny has been a pioneer in using the web for film promotion. Prior to founding BRINK he was the VP of Digital Development for MUSE Films and a founder of a major funded startup in the late 90s called Uground Media. In addition, he has multiple Producer credits including the 2002 hit Spun.

David Pike

David Pike

VP of Distribution for BRINKvision & Film Strategist

David has spent years forging relationships with media companies, industry rags and blogs and has brokered nearly 100 distribution deals in his role at BRINKvision. In addition to some Producing credits of his own, he also runs the Arizona Underground Film Festival.

A few films we did:

Spring Breakers

Arguably the most discussed independent film of 2012 was the Harmony Korine flick Spring Breakers starring James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Before the film even had distribution, BRINK was feeding the buzz machine via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr campaigns and an official site for the movie. We packaged content for various platforms and carefully seeded it, utilizing our timing and scheduling expertise. On set photos, videos and posters received millions of impressions as they spread throughout entertainment industry blogs, celebrity fan sites and personal social media accounts.

By participating in online conversations with the community, we gained fans and followers quickly and maintained them. By the time we handed over the Spring Breakers account to VICE, the content we had created and seeded had gone viral and the page had received over 300,000 likes.

Additionally, entering the conversation as Muse and carefully planning content to post, we have also increased the production company’s name recognition and brand influence.

Lionsgate Films: Bully

This major movie studio hired us during the release of the movie Bully (2001) to create microsites, blog posts and generate content to be distributed across the Internet. This was effectively a social media campaign before the advent of modern social media, when the web was just starting to become more and more interconnected and user-driven.

IFC Films: The Killer Inside Me

BRINK created a fictitious facebook page for the main character Lou Ford (brilliantly played by Casey Affleck), a crooked Sheriff, with a twisted soul. The Page generated controversy and buzz and was part of a larger strategy to engage an audience for this complicated film.

BRINKfilms : The Last New Yorker

BRINK produced and distributed this tender hearted low-budget film about a pair of octogenarian friends watching themselves being priced out, and driven out of New York City (played by Dominic Chianese of the Sopranos, and Dick LaTessa). It had a theatrical run in New York, Florida and Los Angeles off the success of our pre-distribution marketing including an AAF Best of Show award-winning website.

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