What We Do

BRINK is a creative digital studio at the nexus of art, tech and media. We design interactive platforms, develop creative content and deploy integrated communications campaigns to engage audiences and drive results.

We build experiences.

We design and develop gorgeous platforms for user interaction. A website, an app, a touchscreen, a projection, a virtual world — we're limited only by imagination and the abundance of caffeine.

We tell stories.

We produce and distribute timely, compelling content to support brand and issue narratives. From long-form videos to social memes, and all the in-betweens, our focus is driving engagement and paths to conversion.

We forge connections.

As community managers, coalition builders and hype train conductors, we leverage key influencer networks for distribution while monitoring for opportunities to engage and empower our audiences.

How We Do It

We go where the audiences go.

We'll go there, even if uncomfortable and especially if uncharted. We are platform agnostic because that is necessary to truly be effective in this fragmented media environment.

We foster loyalty.

We have a retention-first philosophy, looking to strengthen existing relationships and convert fans into evangelists. You've got to water your lawn before you start planting flowers.

We stay relevant.

If we want people to care, we have to be relevant and timely with our messaging and ensure we speak the same "social language" as our audience. Otherwise it just won't work.

We test, fail, measure, learn, then succeed.

We take an iterative approach, favoring quick deployments and testing over exhaustive planning phases. It allows us to take chances, fail quickly and crunch the data to make more informed choices moving forward. With digital, the ability to measure is there, you'd be insane not to use it.

We make cool shit.

Our work is powered by the idea that user-centric design melds form and function in a way that is both practical and inspired. Great ideas and usability aren't mutually exclusive concepts, we often push creative boundaries while staying grounded to goals-focused UX principles.

Why We're Good At It

We rock.

Our rock band approach unites well-rounded creative talents with strengths across five core disciplines: strategy, user experience, visual design, technology and social engagement.

We work together as an integrated team to produce your next great hit while avoiding the inefficiencies and innovation-killing barriers caused by department silos. We don’t have a creative team; we are all creatives.

We like to go fast.

Everything we do is oriented to rapid execution. Our social studio model includes ready-to-go equipment and sets for low-overhead multimedia production. And our "everyone's a creative" staffing philosophy — with a commitment to in-house talent over outsourcing — gives us the flexibility to conceive, write and design concepts as fast as we can deploy them.

We've been around the block.

We grew up with the modern web and have been right there innovating along with it. In '96 our founder Danny Vinik was turning heads in Hollywood with a before-it's-time streaming entertainment platform. In '02 we partnered with Kevin Spacey to create the WEBBY honored Triggerstreet, an early social network for filmmakers and TIME 50 Best Website. In '07 we worked with the Netherlands to launch the first ever "web 2.0" destination marketing site. In '16 we flipped the public access TV model on its head for the City of Tucson. And we've written 10 lines of code by the time you finish this paragraph.

We live it, we breathe it.

Our expertise, and even our creative, isn't solely what defines us. Real talk: there our hundreds of agencies with similar capabilities to us, many of which profess proprietary processes that all resemble each other. To truly be effective (and unique), we've got to be embedded among the audiences we reach.

That's why we make and distribute indie films, host creative events and meetups, evangelize the arts, publish content and go on road trips. We aren't empty suits observing from the sidelines, we're creators and contributors.

Our Capabilities

  • Design
    • User Experience
    • Identity
    • Marketing Materials
    • Experiential
  • Tech
    • Websites
    • Mobile Apps
    • Hardware Integrations
    • Data Science
  • Video
    • Script & Storyboard
    • Production
    • Animation & 3D
    • Studio Shoots
  • Social
    • Community Management
    • Influencer Mapping & Engagement
    • Paid Media & Boosting
    • Analytics & Insights
  • Content
    • Content Planning
    • Web & Social Writing
    • Infographics, Macros, GIFs
    • Podcasts & Webisodes
  • Strategy
    • Audience Personas
    • Communications Planning
    • Campaign Development

Public Affairs and Advocacy

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Film and Entertainment

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