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The BRINK team will be in Philly this week for the Democratic National Convention, working with our partners at Revolution Nation to help lobby for issues important to young voters with party influencers and filming / writing / reporting anything and everything we see. From what’s happening on the convention floor to the #BernieOrBust, #BlackLivesMatter and 30 other protests happening around the city to the late night parties full of sloshed campaign staff; we have access.

We will be updating this thread with the best highlights on an ongoing basis, but also be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and our newly created Snapchat channel (snapcode below) to get live updates.


Here are some of the top hashtags to follow for coverage:





So it begins…



Got to city hall in time for the start of the march #berniesonparade

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We’re on the scene @BRINKmedia with @revolution_nation #ActOnClimate #demsinphilly

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The next generation of Turner Media engaging the voices of #climateaction #demsinphilly

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We were invited into a suite to watch the final speeches of Night 2.


Including President Bill Clinton.


And concluded the night with a little dancing with MC Hammer:

Breaking it down with MC Hammer #toolegittoquit #demsinphilly @demconvention

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Shooting on the fly @demconvention with Superdelegate Yvette Lewis

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Proud to hear my President in person, even from the press section of the nosebleeds #thanksobama

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Black Eyed Peas @rockthevote speaking #truthtopower

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Democrat? #demsinphilly #brinkmedia #oober

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