A Content Studio for the Social Web.

BRINK produces high-quality video content with unprecedented efficiency, empowering us to participate in conversations at the speed of here and now. Built on agile technologies, nimble crews and a more patternized look and feel, the Social Studio represents a philosophy just as much as the physical spaces we shoot in. In short: we are storytellers for social media.
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Antiquated thinking has kept social content production costs much higher than they need to be, driven by an industry struggling to cope with the new social media reality. With the technology to shoot and edit high quality video content significantly more lightweight and cost effective, it's time we shift our thinking.

This is what new media companies like Buzzfeed and Vox and many YouTube content creators have been able to accomplish with great success, and what organizations can do utilizing BRINK as a partner.


We engage on a retainer basis to give our partners on-demand access to the BRINK Social Studio and use of our in-house production, editing and motion graphics team. We collaborate to identify content opportunities that are consistent in quality and design, including: interviews, 2-person talk shows, documentary style vignettes, news reports, podcasts and live streams.

We bill an all-inclusive hourly rate that includes the space, the equipment and the crew against the retainer, and a flat hourly or daily fee for editing, titles and animation, delivering final, publish-ready videos, optimized for the digital platforms they will reside.

Brink's office in Washington, DC
1516 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009
Brink's Tucson office is a renovated grocery store with an impressive marquee
1100 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

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