Media Coordinator

Tucson, AZ

You are a Media Coordinator, the grease to our production wheels and trafficker of all things media. Nothings goes in and out of the shop without you making sure it’s to specification, on time, organized and at the quality we expect. You are BRINK’s traffic cop and you ain’t taking no sh*t.

Your day-to-day includes reviewing and providing edits and feedback on media deliverables, scheduling and posting social media content, delivering advertisements to media suppliers and moving content through various review processes both internally and with our clients.

You communicate with leadership often on the status of projects and raise flags when the team encounters problems. You hold everyone accountable for their media assignments and deadlines and make sure that when we say we are going to create a piece of media (whether it’s a video, an image, an article or anything else) that we do it and do it right.

BRINK is a fast paced agency doing work for many high level clients. You will be responsible for managing your time wisely and meeting rapid deadlines.

Required Skills

  • You are a superb writer. We expect not only grammatical greatness but clarity, conciseness and the ability to adopt a personality and sense of humor through text.
  • You have a meticulous attention to detail. You write everything down. You check it twice. Nothing gets by you. You are the one that catches the small problems nobody else sees.
  • You have excellent time management and budgeting skills. You know your way around a spreadsheet and take pride in that.
  • You stay up-to-date with industry trends and the latest technologies.


  • A B.S. or B.A. in something related
  • Ability to work out of our office in downtown Tucson, AZ

How to Apply

Step one: Get our attention. Be creative. Engage us any way you want through our website or social media or even snail mail.

Step two: Be sure to respect our time and find a way to communicate your skills quickly: a slideshow, a brief video, a one-pager, etc. Ingenuity and creativity always takes you further.

Step three: If we get back to you, we are going to give you a writing assignment. Be sure to nail that and we’ll bring you in for an interview.

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

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