Frontend Developer

Tucson, AZ

You will be responsible for developing user interfaces for websites and apps, applying your creativity, knowledge in intuitive user interactions and skills in the latest frontend coding standards.

Your day-to-day tasks will include wireframing, storyboarding, coding HTML / CSS, user testing and collaborating with strategists, backend developers, and graphic designers to achieve a high level of quality and the signature creativity that defines us.

You will report directly to the Managing Director and work under the leadership of a Strategist on each project.

Required Skills

  • Expert level of HTML5 and CSS. You must be able to create clean, standards-based code that meets section 508 accessibility requirements. You must understand cross-browser support and concepts such as graceful degradation. You must be up-to-date with responsive development and utilizing media queries to accommodate a variety of device resolutions.
  • Expert grasp of user interface design fundamentals. You frequently read sources such as A List Apart and Smashing Magazine to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. You use tools like Sass, Grunt and version control to optimize your workflow. You giggle like a schoolgirl when playing with great interfaces.
  • Advanced skill in JavaScript with the ability to develop asynchronous interfaces, engaging animations and page transitions. Skill in backbone.js (or similar) a huge plus.
  • A creative design eye and ability to come up with unique solutions to interface problems to not only make user interactions as intuitive as possible, but also inject a “WOW” factor. You are also a member of the creative team and will frequently participate in idea generation and brainstorming.
  • Strong communication skills. You will be an integral collaborator in the process and will be forced to interact frequently with a variety of personality types. UX is the glue that holds everything together on a web project.

Other Desirable Skills

  • Graphic arts / design skills and knowing your way around Photoshop
  • Familiarity with Wordpress and Drupal 7
  • Basic understanding of backend programming fundamentals such as OOP (Object-oriented programming). It’s always good to be able to talk shop with the development team

How to Apply

Send resume to

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