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Good ideas aren’t magic, but the result of talent, experience and the joining of diverse minds. We don’t have a creative department; we are all creatives.

the admirable face of Danny Vinik the true face of Danny Vinik revealed

Danny Vinik

Prez / Creative Director

College in 4 states / Many credits no degree, published novel / Punk Rocker from the Mudd Club to Berlin / Entrepreneurial nature led to runs as a club promoter, film producer and early Cybar creator / Incorporated BRINK 2001 / Produced SPUN 2003, The Last New Yorker 2006, and directed Flor De Muertos 2010 / Married Mary Ann Brazil, 1989 / Rehabs adobe properties / Activist daughter attends Tufts University / Drives 1969 Alfa Romeo / USTA 4.0 tennis player

the admirable face of Josh Belhumeur the true face of Josh Belhumeur revealed

Josh Belhumeur

Partner / Strategy Director

Former web developer with 10 years of experience and expert proficiency in a variety of web languages / Graduate of the University of Arizona with a B.S in Business Administration / Opened the DC office for BRINK in 2011 / Responsible for new business and marketing strategy / Married with no children, yet / Amateur drummer and guitarist, played in a jazz band in high school / Loves going to the movies / Drink of choice: bourbon

the admirable face of Patrick James Cavanaugh the true face of Patrick James Cavanaugh revealed

Patrick James Cavanaugh

Senior Strategist

Digital marketing, public relations and social media communications professional / Presidential Scholar at the University of Southern California, Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, minor in Performing Arts Studies, and Master’s Degree in Strategic Public Relations / Strategist at BRINK DC / Originally from Miami, dances Spanish cooks French and drinks Irish

the admirable face of Mary Ann Brazil the true face of Mary Ann Brazil revealed

Mary Ann Brazil

Finance Director

Wanted to be a writer / Floundered in college / Tried art from the perspective of student and model / Fled the Midwest for the southwest / Desk clerk at Hotel Congress, 1983 / Kissed the doorknob of the old café and Club Congress was born / Friends were all around me / Now I ran the Hotel / Smack dab in the middle of it all / Manager / Fast forward 20 years / Roots in the desert / Husband Danny Vinik and child Zobella / All on the BRINK

the admirable face of John Boutwell the true face of John Boutwell revealed

John Boutwell

Art Director

Animator by degree / Graphic Designer by trade / illustrator by passion / minimalist by religion

the admirable face of Caroline Jackson the true face of Caroline Jackson revealed

Caroline Jackson

Engagement Director

Writer and editor turned social media professional / Coordinates content creation and engagement, crafts client’s online personalities / Bachelors degrees in journalism and anthropology from NYU / Background in fashion marketing, merchandising and styling / Aesthetics and culture obsessed / A sometimes zine-maker, model, sewist

the admirable face of Kai Miller the true face of Kai Miller revealed

Kai Miller

Senior Developer

Former game developer and digital environmental artist / Heavily experienced in web development / Spare time mobile application developer / Clothing and pillow fabricator / Married with children / Drink of choice: Mountain Dew

the admirable face of Chathura Bamunusinghe the true face of Chathura Bamunusinghe revealed

Chathura Bamunusinghe

Senior Developer

7+ years of experience in Web Application/Site development / BS in Physical Science / Car enthusiast and a Gamer / Origin Sri Lanka

the admirable face of Jim Rundel the true face of Jim Rundel revealed

Jim Rundel

Senior Producer

Believes that if we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves / Can bake 30 minute brownies in under 22 minutes / Private citizen, yet receives fan mail ? Wrestled Guinea Pigs in Argentina and won / Knows that with sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine / If life were a movie, would be the villain / the kind of villain you would root for

the admirable face of David Pike the true face of David Pike revealed

David Pike

VP of BRINKvision & Strategist

Has run the film distribution arm of BRINK, (BrinkVision) for last 5 years / Has acquired over 50 films for distribution / On a constant search for new content / Director of music videos, and short films / Hosts Kung-Fu movie night / loves whiskey, salami, and reruns of Kolchak: The Night Stalker

the admirable face of Sean Madrid the true face of Sean Madrid revealed

Sean Madrid


Deep roots in Tucson and enjoys talking about them / Descended from cavemen / Alive in the age of information / On a cybernetic quest for fire / Lover of craftsmanship / Especially drawn towards wearables and watchables / Would like to control things with his mind / Enjoys controlling things with code in the meantime

the admirable face of Pat Foley the true face of Pat Foley revealed

Pat Foley

Content Specialist

Creates and curates social media content at BRINK / Blogged and designed under the nom de guerre of ”Carne and Queso“ since 2007 / Appreciates the aesthetic intersection of pop surrealism and obvious photoshoppery / Amateur animator and burgeoning motorcycle mechanic / Transcends his earthly form in 2036

the admirable face of Brian Nguyen the true face of Brian Nguyen revealed

Brian Nguyen


Adventurer, Ultra-Runner and Rock Climber/ Tends to hang off of cliffs with a camera/ Proud Tucsonan and hoping to convince others to be the same/ BA in Film and Television at the University of Arizona/ Always aspiring to get out more and tell stories either by the campfire or on the big screen.

the admirable face of Justine Hong the true face of Justine Hong revealed

Justine Hong


Former publicist / BA in Communication at University of Maryland / Enjoys television comedies / Snaps photos in her free time / Films when you aren’t looking / Small obsession with sneakers / Loves interactive art installations .

the admirable face of Zack Williams the true face of Zack Williams revealed

Zack Williams

Video Tech Consultant


the admirable face of Kai Eric the true face of Kai Eric revealed

Kai Eric

Business Development, NYC

Conceptualist / Strategist and graphic designer/ founder of the 80's multimedia art nexus, Club 57/ Spent many years as a touring bass player with the bands Panther Burns and Wreckless Eric / Worked in all aspects of film production, new media and advertising and in 2000 he joined BRINK FILMS as Director of Development / Drink of choice: A fine Austrian Red

E-junkie Team

E-junkie is a simple e-commerce startup and product of the BRINK lab.

the admirable face of Tyson Nuss the true face of Tyson Nuss revealed

Tyson Nuss

Support Guru

Interface usability maven / National Merit Scholar at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, BA in Philosophy / Webmaster at a leading regional indie ISP during the dot-com boom / Online since 1993 / Post-Rock & Gothic music aficionado / Drives & maintains a 1979 Lancia.

the admirable face of Joshua Sort the true face of Joshua Sort revealed

Joshua Sort

Support Monster

Depending on the corner of the internet Sortelli is synonymous with cyclopean tentacled monstrosities, leather clad devil wrestlers, or the anxious pawn of a dangerous meta-government containment agency. Fortunately none of that is true. / Tucson native / Surrendered to his love of cheesy power metal

the admirable face of William Peterson the true face of William Peterson revealed

William Peterson

Support Ninja

The life of a reformed super-villain is tough, but one day at a time right? / Enjoys archeology, history, baking, scotch and secret bases / Kneel before Will... sorry

the admirable face of Robin Kohli the true face of Robin Kohli revealed

Robin Kohli

Lead Developer

The vision and brains behind E-Junkie, an elegantly simple E-Commerce solution for people who don't have the means or desire to create their own web shopping carts / Loves code and animals in no particular order / started a non-profit in India to save dogs / Drink of choice: homemade kombucha.

Photographs by Danny Sax.

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